Motorola Droid Pro – Finally, A True Android Business Phone

Motorola Droid Pro –
Finally, A True
Android Business
As you may already know, the
Blackberry line of
" smart "
phones (in quotes because
' re nowhere near the
iPhone or Android on their
own, without the BES/BIS
services) is currently the most
widely used device in
businesses all over North
America. They
' re produced by
the Canadian company
Research In Motion (RIM for
short) and until recently have
really been the best choice for
any kind of productivity work.
Motorola Droid Pro
But with the release of the
iPhone and recently, the
Android OS, the situation is
beginning to change.
Blackberry sales have been
dropping at a constant rate
since QWERTY enabled Android
Phones became available (it
started with the G1, of course),
and RIM had to do quite a few
welcome improvements to
keep its share.
The Droid Pro – a true
competitor to the Blackberry
That doesn ' t stop other
companies from trying to
create better competitor
phones, though, and one of the
latest devices to take on the
Blackberry is the Motorola
Droid Pro, which features the
Android OS, with its access to
over 100,000 great apps for
almost any purpose, a portrait
QWERTY keyboard that can
definitely rival the comfort of
the one on the Blackberry
Torch, and some very powerful
internal hardware, which help
it accomplish everything faster
and better.
Motorola Droid Pro
The first thing you notice when
you hold a phone is the screen,
and the unit on the Droid Pro
certainly does not disappoint. It
is a rather well sized 3.1 inch
touch screen, with a resolution
of 320×480 and capable of
displaying 16 million colors

the picture quality is the same
as on the iPhone 3G and 3GS,
and the small resolution is
definitely not a problem when
browsing the Web, editing
documents or even playing
A great QWERTY keyboard and
all the power and features you
may need
The QWERTY keyboard below it
is simply great for typing
– if
you ' ve ever used a Blackberry
before, you ' ll have no problems
adapting to this keyboard, as
well. The size and weight of the
device are adequate at
119x60x11.7 mm and 134
– it ' ll definitely fit in any
pocket without any issues.
Motorola Drod Pro
QWERTY keyboard
The whole thing is powered by
a speedy TI OMAP 3620 CPU
running at 1 GHz, and featuring
one of the best mobile graphics
adapters, the PowerVR SGX530.
Coupled with 512 MB of RAM,
this practically guarantees that
the Droid Pro will be running
any apps you need quickly and
smoothly, and will be able to
do so for years to come.
Sure enough, you also get all
the other features that are a
must on a modern smartphone
(and which you actually can
' t
get rid of since they ' re
integrated into the main
. The Droid Pro has
support for Wifi N, GPS,
accelerometer, magnetometer
and proximity sensors,
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, HSPA+
speeds of up to 10.2/5.76 Mbit/
s download and upload, DLNA
and much more.
A very good camera, more
memory than you
' ll ever need
and the option for an extended
There is a 5 megapixels camera
on the back, which is the same
one used on the first Droid, and
it provides a great image
quality in photos and videos. It
does not support 720p
recording, but it ' s 720×480
wide resolution is more than
enough for any purposes, and
the picture quality is amazingly
high (you can see demos of it
on YouTube). The dual LED flash
also helps take photos and
videos in the dark, if you need.
Motorola Droid Pro Camera
There is definitely enough
memory for any needs, with 2
GB of ROM for the OS and apps,
8 GB of internal Flash memory
AND a micro SD card slot, for up
to 32 GB more storage space
(an 8 GB card comes with the
phone). I can
' t see how anyone
would need more than that on
a business smartphone, unless
they also plan on watching HD
videos all the time
The standard battery has a
rated talk time of about 7
hours on 3G networks, which is
about average, but may not be
enough for business users who
often work much more than
that and don ' t have the time to
charge the battery often. For
that purpose, there is an
official extended battery of
1860 mAh, which should
provide enough power to make
the device last at least 10 hours
of continuous use.
Motorola Droid Pro Camera
The Droid Pro is already on sale
in the US on Verizon
' s network
at around $160 with a contract,
and it
' s also coming to Europe
as the Motorola Pro, where I
think it will have a higher
success thanks to the fact that
European users are not used to
the Blackberry and actually
have a need for a good and
reliable business smartphone.
If you need a business phone
that is fast, reliable and has a
widely supported OS that is not
only good for work, but also
for play, the Motorola Droid Pro
is definitely an excellent choice.

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Motorola Droid Pro – Finally, A True Android Business Phone

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