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The Fonts Site Script comes with over 9,300 free fonts.
Fonts Site Script [nulled]

Over 9,300 free fonts. These originated from another free fonts site on the web.
Written in php/mysql with access to 100% of the source code.
All pages are created using Apaches mod-rewrite so it looks like over 9,300 flat html pages to the search engines.
Automatic creation of the font preview images.
Custom preview images so users can view the font in their own text online.
Character map for all fonts.
Contents listing/view link for all font zip files. i.e. any additional readme/txt files in the distribution.
Basic admin area to upload new fonts. From this the previews, contents listing etc are all automatically created.
User rating for each font.
Total downloads for each font.
Overall downloads by day/all time displayed in the top right of the pages.
Browse page organised by letter.
Search page.
Admin maintenance - clear font preview cache. - NEW
Control preview font size via config. - NEW
Control preview text via config. Use the font name or your own text - NEW

php 4.x/5.x
mod rewrite module on apache
gd library with freetype


Free Fonts Download web CMS

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