Release Of Honeycomb Tablets Delayed As Xoom Falters

The recent underwhelming sales performance of the Motorola Xoom has several Android tablet manufacturers delay the release of their models. Asus has announced that it will delay the release of the Eee Pad Transformer while HTC has not scheduled a volume production on its HTC Flyer.
The Xoom which was expected to give Apple’s iPad a run for its money suffers from weak sales mainly due to not meeting customer expectations. The Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform still suffers from unstable performance issues and its application library is still limited.
Android Honeycomb
The early entry of the Xoom and its market results has served as a guide for other manufacturers in planning their tablet releases.
Despite having excellent sales record in the smartphone market, the Android platform is still struggling in the tablet scene which is clearly dominated by the iPad. If Google’s tablet platform remains unchanged then manufacturers might opt to use other platforms.

Release Of Honeycomb Tablets Delayed As Xoom Falters

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